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Christian Spiritual Life Coach

Helping You explore God’s MORE for your life.

Feel stuck and unclear about next steps in
your spiritual life? Want more in your
relationship with God?


About Beth Graf

As an Educator, Author, Pastor and Spiritual Life Coach, I’m equipped and experienced to guide you through effective assessments, coaching tools and Christian spiritual exercises to help you discover and take practical steps toward living out who God created you to be!

Who Is My Coaching For

Stones of Meaning

What Is Spiritual Life Coaching?

While Spiritual Life Coaching can help grow your relationship with the Lord, the main focus is to support you in determining and fulfilling the purpose(s) God has for your life. As a Certified SL Coach, I would assess your current spiritual life, assist you to decide where you would like to be spiritually and then guide you through any blocks or obstacles to reach that end.

Smiling Woman

Who Is Coaching For?

  • Feel stuck and unclear about next steps especially in their spiritual life.

  • Want more in their relationship with God, especially to feel closer to Him.

  • Want more understanding of God‘s path and purpose for their life.

  • Are willing to think through and take practical steps toward living out their God purpose.
    I’m looking for those who are open to explore, think, learn and work through helpful tools and processes.

Inner Healing

Spiritual Goals

Determine and achieve the steps needed to fulfill your purpose(s).

Spiritual Relationships

Improve your relationship with God and others in your life.

Inner Healing

Experience spiritual exercises and prayer to heal emotional pain.

Listening Prayer

Learn to sense God’s personal thoughts for you and His guidance.



Beth is such a kind-hearted wise woman. She has helped me remain connected to God during a difficult transition and I cannot express how thankful and what a gift Beth has been to me. I look forward to every session and I never want it to end.

Joelle L.


Every coaching session with Beth is a beautiful and powerful experience with Jesus! In each session, with wisdom, discernment and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, Beth offers an unique space to hear, receive and process what Jesus is doing in me and in my life. Our sessions
together are deep and rich and such a source of joy!

Deborah H.


I have so many amazing stories to share but to sum it up I would highly recommend a Spiritual Life Coach. I was fortunately introduced to Beth's practice last summer and have been truly blessed with her support and guidance along the way. In some ways, it almost feels like we're just beginning to peel back the important layers of the onion. Beth is truly gifted and anointed in this area and I sincerely and strongly recommend you connect with her.

 Brent W.

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